The Law Office of Joseph E. McCoy

A D.C. Criminal Defense Attorney

Representing individuals in Court and on Campus.

Joseph E. McCoy represents criminal defendants and university students in and 

around Washington, DC. His law practice is animated by the belief that a strong attorney-client relationship, built on respect, understanding, and trust, sets the essential foundation for a successful defense. Everyone deserves the strongest defense possible, let's start building yours together.

Criminal Defense

Criminal charges, no matter the size, can significantly impact your life. If you are under investigation, under arrest, or in trouble with the law, start developing your defense now.

University Student Defense

Accusations of disciplinary or academic misconduct can seriously damage your college career and future plans. When your university turns against you, it is time to take action.

Joseph E. McCoy's legal career has been dedicated to representing criminal defendants and university students in and around Washington, DC.

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