University Student Defense

Accusations of disciplinary or academic wrong-doing can create enormous amounts

of stress in the already stressful lives of university students. Students often feel 

blindsided when the University they trust with their safety and education becomes their accuser. Suddenly, students are left to fend for themselves against teams of 

administrators with the power to do great damage to their academic record and future career prospects. When your University turns against you, you need an advocate who understands how the system works, and how to effectively fight back.

The University Disciplinary Process

Although they may feel similar, University Disciplinary Hearings and the criminal 

court system share little in common. University Disciplinary Hearings move very 

quickly and have few safeguards for the rights of the accused. The amount of evidence needed to find students responsible for infractions is low and was recently lowered further due to federal law.  University Disciplinary Hearings follow no rules of evidence, do not allow advocates to speak on behalf of accused students, have an almost non-existent appeals process, and can have their rules changed at any time by university administrators.

Criminal Charges

University students accused of committing a crime can face criminal charges in court and disciplinary charges on campus for the same conduct at the same time. 

Defending against these charges requires an understanding of each forum, how the 

proceedings impact one another and how best to navigate between the two. Joseph 

McCoy’s entire practice is dedicated to defending both criminal defendants and 

university students. If you are a university student facing criminal charges in the 

District of Columbia, contact Joseph McCoy to be confident in your defense.

Building a Defense

Facing such an uphill battle, accused students need an attorney who knows the 

University Disciplinary System and can act swiftly and aggressively to build a defense. Clients at the Law Office of Joseph E. McCoy have access to investigators trained in gathering essential evidence quickly and effectively. Clients will also meet with Mr. McCoy individually to devise the best defense strategy and to prepare to effectively defend themselves in the student disciplinary hearing.

Image Courtesy of Nazareth College CC BY-SA 2.0 used without alteration.