Being accused of a crime can be a stressful and frightening experience. Having a

criminal conviction can have long-lasting effects on career, family and freedom. 

When each decision you make has significant consequences for your future, it is 

important to choose the right lawyer. 

Joseph McCoy understands that no two cases are alike and that no two clients are 

the same. Mr. McCoy focuses on developing a close-knit attorney-client 

relationship to ensure that the client’s goals set the foundation for the defense. 

Whether you’ve been accused of a traffic offense or a violent crime, you need a 

lawyer you can trust.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, contact Joseph McCoy now to set 

up a time to confidentially discuss your case, free of charge.

Traffic & DUI

Over the last 10 years, communities all over the country have increased the penalties for driving under the influence. The District of Columbia is no different. Gone are the days of the slap-on-the-wrist. With the social stigma against driving under the influence mounting, it can be hard to get a fair trial. If you’d been accused of driving under the influence or any other traffic-related offense, contact Joseph McCoy to make sure you get a fair trial.

Sex Offenses

Sex workers and their customers face harsh penalties in the District of Columbia if charged with solicitation of prostitution. Joseph McCoy understands the social and 

cultural realities of the sex-work industry and proudly represents those accused 

without shame or derision. Contact him to begin building your defense.

Individuals who are accused of relationship violence, sexual misconduct and harassment often face the scorn of others before getting their day in court. Joseph McCoy understands that these cases require an aggressive defense with a delicate touch. Contact him now to confidentially discuss your case.

Drug Offenses

For individuals struggling with the illness of addiction, drug arrests can have severe

consequences on recovery, on families and on freedom. It is important to have an attorney who understands your situation and will fight for your ability to continue to pursue recovery on your own terms. Although drug laws are slowly changing in the District of Columbia, sentences are still severe and can have long-lasting consequences. Contact Joseph McCoy to discuss how best to defend against accusations of drug possession and distribution.

Weapons Offenses

Individuals charged with weapons offenses face serious penalties in the District of 

Columbia. Unlike its neighboring states, the District of Columbia has very little 

tolerance for the possession of firearms or any other weapons. Although the laws are slowly changing, charges of weapons possession can still result in long periods of incarceration. To protect your right to protect yourself, contact Joseph McCoy.

Threats, Assault and Violent Crimes

When encounters get violent and the police are involved, it is important to protect your rights at trial. Those accused of assault and violent acts often face hostile witnesses, lousy facts, and a my-word-against-yours trial. To protect your rights, you need a lawyer who is not afraid of a fight in the courtroom. Contact Joseph McCoy to protect your rights and yourself in court.

Theft, Burglary and Property Crime

With accusations of property crimes comes the need for a thorough defense 

investigation. Contact Joseph McCoy and work with a dedicated defense investigator to make sure you know all the facts before going to trial. In cases of property crimes, what you don’t know can hurt you. Contact Mr. McCoy to make sure you know all the facts before you build your defense.

Crimes Against the Court

Being involved in the justice system comes with risks. If you are accused of contempt of court, perjury, failing to appear, or any other crime against the court, you need to plan your next steps carefully. Contact Joseph McCoy to set a course of action that protects your rights and your liberty.